Frequently Asked Questions

Think of me as your guide, cheerleader, accountability partner, and resource to keep you on track. I’ll help you build your plan and find additional resources, if needed, to address your specific money concerns. We’ll meet via Zoom for 8-9 sessions throughout the program.

No, I am a money coach and will help you gain clarity around your money goals, your money reality, and your wealth building plan. I cannot provide legal or investment advice and all money decisions are yours to make.  

No, I do not access your accounts in any way. All financial decisions are yours to make and implement! 

Money Score measures your financial health using the DREAMS categories. Debt, Retirement, Events, Abundance, Mortgage, and Savings. It helps you determine if you are doing the right things with your money and acts as a guide for change. The best part is you can check your Money Score anytime and gauge your progress!

Most clients finish the coaching portion in 90-120 days and you’ll have unlimited access to the self-paced course, knowledge base, resources, along with your Money Score.

An email link will be sent to you upon signing the engagement letter and receipt of payment. This is a pretty quick process – same day or next business day.

You can use my scheduler on the BOOK NOW page of my website. When you choose a time, it automatically updates my calendar and sends me a message that a call has been booked. You’ll receive a follow-up email with details to log on to the call.

It’s important to me that you succeed in the program so I make myself available via Email or you may schedule a Client Quick Call on the BOOK NOW page of my website. 

I always recommended that both parties participate in the program but I do not require it. It’s entirely up to you! If both parties intend to participate in the program, both will need to sign the engagement letter.

Eliminating debt is a key part of maintaining and building wealth but your accounts are yours to manage. Some clients get rid of their cards completely, some pay off the balance each month and collect rewards, others use cash only. There are many choices on how to manage your money and you’ll determine what works best for you. This is not a one-size-fits all plan. 

Yes, I will never share your information with anyone – including my own family. Information requested through legal action, will only be provided through my legal counsel subject to applicable laws.